Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sad little Nike Dude!

Well, I shouldn't laugh at her, but my little Nike dude looks so pathetic! "I've turned into a couch potato! I need to run!" lol I had read that it would get tired and try to guilt me into running, but I hadn't seen it for myself. So I decided not to sync up my runs for a bit and see what happened. LOL. So I actually HAVE been running; I just haven't synced the nike+ up to the computer since last Wednesday.

Since then:
3mi run on Thursday: total crap. I think I was at about 12min/mi, and I just felt dreadful. It felt like running felt during marathon training, which was a time when I really didn't ENJOY running. I was feeling extremely bummed Thursday evening. I should note that I gave blood on Wednesday, so it's possible that that had an impact. I learned on Monday that giving blood actually burns ~650 calories through replenishment of factors, which is the equivalent of about a 5-6mi run... so it's not that surprising that my run the next day would be a little off. It was still frustrating nonetheless.

Sunday: I was up at 4:30a to get ready to go to Waldo for their sprint tri in which Dave was competing. I slept a little bit in the car, but it was intermittent and not deep. We were back on the road from Waldo at about 11a, and for some brilliant reason we went to McD's for lunch, and I decided I would eat a big mac and fries. Not only is this a bad idea in and of itself, but we had a race on the beach at 3p. Not exactly fuel for athletes... Needless to say, the beaches run was AWFUL. I had to walk a couple of times, and even when I was running, it felt painfully slow. I was hot, and BOY was I cranky. I yelled at dave for smiling, muttered "I hate you" to the guys up front when I saw them on their way back, and was just generally unpleasant to be around. I am never, ever running a beaches run again. And since Dave didn't listen to my suggestion that he run ahead, he got to witness every second of my awesomeness first-hand, and I highly doubt he will try to convince me to run one ever again. So I think we can go ahead and close that chapter of my running life. lol

Tuesday: 3 mile run. I was determined to have a good run if it was the last thing I did. I had had good runs and really felt like I was making progress until the Thursday and Sunday runs just chopped my confidence into teeny tiny pieces. Thankfully, this run was back to what is becoming the norm for me -- about 10:20/mi pace, no walk breaks. My ankles did NOT feel good when we first started, which I assume has to do with the 5 miles on the sand on Sunday. But they seemed to loosen up or warm up or whatever it is that they decided to do to make themseleves happy again. Whatever it was, I'm grateful for it!

I desperately need to do bridges training. Thursday is supposed to be our bridge training day, but we have our annual homeowners' meeting tonight, so I think I might just try out the shred tonight instead. Maybe tomorrow we can go downtown and do the bridges. I'm going to work super early because the marathon this weekend is royally messing with parking starting tomorrow, so I should get home well before rush hour..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flippin' Sweet

Well, I have another trash the dress session lined up for just over 2 weeks from now. I think I might get some new equipment to play with, but I'm still deciding on exactly what I want to buy. I'm also setting up an engagement pictures session with my best friend's little sister. She's awesome, and she and her fiance make the cutest couple, so I can't wait! I'll have to, though, because we need to wait for warmer weather to make its way up to NJ -- so probably late April, early May.

Had a great run last night. Nike+ tells me it was a 9:50 pace for 3 miles, so it was probably around 10 or 10:05. Still pretty flippin sweet. It is so much easier for me to run without all of the humidity that Florida spring, summer, and fall bring with them. Hopefully the swamp will hold off until after the river run.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sleep is going to be SO sweet!

Well, I think my silent treatment of the scale may have had its intended effect. According to the scale I'm down a couple of pounds. That happened to me once before, but it ended up just being water weight that reappeared a couple of days later. We'll see what happens this time..

6 miles today! I was slightly phobic of the distance in general. I did a 10K in November and it was NOT GOOD. I managed to complete it without walking, but it was brutal. I don't think I was adequately trained for the distance, and that coupled with a torrential downpour made for a really unpleasant trek. I think my time was something like 11:40/mi, which isn't bad, but I had really wanted to get in at about 11.

I managed to get some new tunes for my ipod. Dave has been listening to this DJ Greg J on his computer for a while. He mixes mostly hip-hop songs, but he combines the beats of one song with the vocals of another song that you never in your wildest dreams would've thought to combine, but it is (almost always) ambrosia for the ears. What's really nice is that dave has the full albums in single mp3s, and the songs he mixes aren't full-length. So it'll be a piece of one thing for a minute or so, and then it mixes into something else. It's usually mixed well enough that even if it's a song you like that's being faded out, you're usually going "ooh, I like this song!" about the next one. And on the occasion that the mix isn't working for you (there was a piece with gwen stefani's escape lyrics with the background from cyndi lauper girls just wanna have fun that did absolutely nothing for me), you know it'll be over before you get too sick of it.

So, I have DJ Greg J to thank for my 6 mile run today. It took me until 5:30 to get my butt out there, and I had to run past COUNTLESS grills with seriously awesome smelling steaks, ribs, etc -- but I still managed to get my 6 miles in, with no walk breaks, and I actually came in at about the same pace I usually run my 3-miler runs in! I did find out from running with dave's garmin and the nike+ at the same time that the nike+ is about 10-15s/mi off on my pace, so what I've been thinking is about 10:15 is probably about 10:30, but I couldn't care less. I just like to know how my runs are comparing to each other, and I like to know when I start going faster than I can sustain -- whether it's really 10:15 or even 16:00, I truly don't care. I'm back in my "I don't need a garmin" phase, in case you couldn't tell. :)

Anyway, Dave and I just finished TiVoing through the football portion of tonight's big event and watching the commercials, so I'm going to read in bed for about 10 minutes before I become completely and totally comatose. I can't wait. I'm so exhausted, and I am going to sleep SO well! :)