Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oooooh spinning

Took a spinning class yesterday at my friend's step-dad's new spin/yoga studio. Kicked my butt in the best way. Took a rest day today.. kind of concerned I might be getting shin splints on my right leg.. trying to ice once/day and stretch/strengthen. It hurt after my run on Tues, but is just slightly tender today. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Supposed to be doing 2x 0.75mi at race pace. This week and the following two weeks are going to be the hardest, I think.. really forcing myself to create a foundation on which to build. I know I'm pushing it and my body will revolt to a certain extent, so I'm going to have to be smart about it too. If I get an injury, I definitely won't make my goal.
So tomorrow will be torture on the treadmill, probably followed by "the butt machine," this bizarre mixture of a gazelle and a stairmaster.. Then I'll reward myself saturday morning with... ZUMBA!
I actually went out to lunch with my coworkers today to celebrate one of their birthdays and the going-away of a summer student, and we went to this little/amazing taco place. The latin music was awesome, and I was joking with a coworker (who I dragged to Zumba with me once before) that the music made me want to bust out my zumba moves. Not five minutes later, they played one of the Zumba songs we use all the time! It was really hard for me not to break out the whole routine, especially because this particular song features lots of yelling by the instructor. haha.
Two blog posts in as many days?! I guess I'm done for the year. haha. Hopefully not. :)

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